Grease Interceptor Pumping & Inspections

It is extremely important for grease interceptors to receive regular pumping and maintenance. If business owners do not properly care for them, they can cause foul odors and backups which lead to costly repair expenses and/or shutdowns.

The interceptor will need to be pumped by experienced professionals. Interceptors must also be regularly checked for rust, cracks and other damage that could cause leaks or poor performance. Most sewer municipalities require that you pump the interceptor on a regular basis, as often as every 6 weeks. If you are connected to a septic system with drain lines we recommend that you pump the interceptor every 3 months.

Sharpe’s Septic and Well has been faithfully serving the Midlands area since 1966. To find out more about grease interceptors or to schedule a pumping please contact us today!

I have used Sharpe's two times in the last 10 years for septic service. Both times they were on time, did not leave any mess at all, and were very friendly. I thought the price was also reasonable. I would definitely use them again.

Patrick H.