Well Repair & Maintenance

Solutions for Residential & Commercial Wells

For those seeking an independent source of water for their home or business, a well may be the most efficient and effective solution. Drilling a well on your property frees you from the fees and policies of local utilities, but to set up and keep your well working properly, it is important to invest in quality water services. Sharpe’s Septic Tank & Well Drilling Service provides these solutions for home and business owners in Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding areas. With fair prices, personalized services and over fifty years of experience, Sharpe’s can install and maintain your well and handle all of your home or business water needs.


From inspecting the ground and choosing the best site for drilling to installing all the necessary equipment, the Sharpe’s team takes care of the entire well installation process from start to finish. We will walk with you through well permitting and approval by the South Carolina Department of Environmental Control and, once the well is set up, we will advise you on initial setup to remove sediment and bacteria, ensuring a strong supply of clean water.


Once your well has been installed, it is important to schedule regular maintenance services to keep it in good condition and make sure the water is clean. Sharpe’s offers home and business owners in Columbia, SC comprehensive well maintenance services. We also have extensive repair skills, and can restore your well to full working order at the first sign of problems. By providing affordable, expedient maintenance and repair solutions, we protect the health and well-being of you and your loved ones, employees or clients. Through regularly scheduled maintenance, we also prevent your well system from becoming damaged, saving you time and money spent on costly repairs in the long run.


Whether for a routinely scheduled visit or in response to an issue or complaint about your water supply, the Sharpe’s team will inspect your well quickly and efficiently. We will take a comprehensive look at the well itself, the pump and piping system used to bring water in, the electrical system used to power the pump, and all other elements of the well to ensure all elements are running at peak performance. We also test the quality of water, and conduct extensive flow tests to make sure that water is available when and where you need it. At the first sign that there is a problem, we will work hard to figure out exactly what needs to be done to address it, and won’t stop until your well is back to full functionality.

For more information on well services and septic solutions for your Columbia or surrounding area home or business, contact us today.

We needed our septic tank emptied out, they were quick to get us on the books and very professional and quick in doing their job. Very friendly staff and they explained everything they were doing.

Stephanie W.