Septic Repairs & Replacement

If you live in a remote region of South Carolina and don’t have access to a city sewer system, a septic tank may be the only source of wastewater treatment for your home or business. If your tank system is failing or malfunctioning, it can potentially put your health and that of your family, neighbors, or employees at risk. Sewage leaking into ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers causes harm to the environment. Standing or pooling sewage can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects.

Sharpe’s Septic Tank & Well Drilling Service offers quality septic system repair and replacement solutions. Whether we installed your system originally or by another company, we will work hard to solve the problem at its source quickly, affordably and efficiently.


Septic system issues are most often the result of an aging system, lack of maintenance, or weather. We can make the necessary repairs to restore the system to peak performance easy and affordable. The professionals at Sharpe’s offer repairs for a wide range of septic system issues, including:

  • Leaking Drainlines – If your septic system has water or sewage surfacing the ground, you’re likely dealing with drainlines that have reached their life expectancy or you may not have enough drain lines to take on the amount water from your home and what rainfall Mother Nature gives us. In either case, we can install additional drain lines to aid in taking on the overflow of water and sewage. A general rule of thumb is if you have to pump your septic tank more often than every 3-5 years it is time to install new drain lines.
  • Septic Tank Collapse – Age can cause a septic tank to become brittle to the point it will actually cave in. Damage caused by someone driving or running over your septic tank with a vehicle or heavy equipment will cause the septic tank or its lids to collapse. A septic tank or lid that has collapsed can be very dangerous to children, adults, and animals. If you notice a sinkhole or water or sewage pooling where you believe your septic tank is located first secure the area, then call our office for an appointment! We will send a technician to inspect the area and devise a plan to replace the septic tank or septic tank lids as quickly as possible.
  • Sewage Pump Failure – Some homes and businesses have sewage pumps that pump the sewage uphill to the drain line area. These pumps can stop working due to age, lightning strikes, or electrical issues, etc. We can send a technician out to inspect the pump to see what the issues are and replace it if needed. We have certified electricians we can refer you to for any electrical issues that you may have as well.

For these and all other septic repairs, Sharpe’s upholds the highest standards of quality workmanship and products backed by exceptional customer service you can count on. You can be confident that your septic system is in premium condition after repairs are made, working just as effectively and efficiently as it did from the start.

For more information on Sharpe’s experienced, effective approach to septic repair and replacement services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

Shannon and the young man who serviced my system were top notch. They were on time, hustled, worked in the rain and cleared a clog. Would recommend them without question. Very pleased.

Scott M.