Septic Inspections

Regular inspections and maintenance should allow your septic tank to last for decades. Inspections may include various services, depending on the specific reason for the inspection. The most common reasons for inspecting a septic tank are to correct a particular problem or in preparation for buying a home.


A variety of symptoms can indicate a need to inspect a septic tank. For example, greener grass over a septic tank could mean that it has a leak. Toilets that flush slowly or produce a gurgling sound could indicate that the septic tank is too full. A foul smell coming from the drainage system is also a strong indication that your septic tank should be inspected.

Prospective buyers should also order an inspection of the property’s septic tank when preparing to buy a home. Buyers typically focus on what they can see, but the septic tank’s condition is critical for making a purchase decision. A pre-purchase inspection of a septic tank can provide buyers with peace of mind, since an inspection is much less expensive than repairing a septic tank.


Pumping and inspections are two separate processes. In some cases, a septic tank must be emptied before it can be inspected. An inspection generally includes various methods to ensure the septic system has no signs of malfunction and appears to be in good working condition. Inspection services also typically include checking the inlet and outlet of the tank to ensure they’re in good condition. The septic tank’s drain field should also be inspected to ensure that it has no visible signs of malfunction. We provide letters of inspection that will note several details about the septic system such as but not limited to: distances from property lines, existing wells and buildings, the age of the system, and the time of last pumping.

Sharpe’s Septic Tank and Well Drilling Service has been serving Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding areas since 1966. We offer septic inspection services for residential and commercial properties. Contact us today to schedule and inspection.

I have used Sharpe's two times in the last 10 years for septic service. Both times they were on time, did not leave any mess at all, and were very friendly. I thought the price was also reasonable. I would definitely use them again.

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