Well Installation

For many homes and businesses in rural areas of South Carolina, not being near city water sources can make obtaining clean water a challenge. Installing a well on your property can give you access to a clean and reliable water source. Sharpe’s Septic Tank & Well Drilling Service offers well drilling for homes and businesses throughout the Midlands. With more than fifty years of experience and a highly skilled team, we have developed a proven strategy for well installation. Our 4-step process includes:


The first step before drilling begins is to inspect the property and identify the best location for the well. We examine the property grounds in detail, paying specific attention to topography, waterline, and the location of your septic system or any other underground equipment you may have. This not only allows us to install a well that is efficient and affordable, but also helps to minimize the amount of disturbance to your landscape.


Once we have identified the best and most efficient possible site for your well, the next step is to get approval from the South Carolina Department of Environmental Control. A permit should cost about $70 if you’re building an ordinary residential well and $50 if you’re constructing a well for irrigation purposes. Our team will walk with you through this process, ensuring that you have everything you need to qualify and start the digging process.


With paperwork and permitting complete, we will immediately begin the process of constructing the well. Our team will drill the area, taking intentional care to achieve proper stability and positioning so as to avoid any potential construction issues. After drilling, we will set up the well by placing a pump, bladder tank, electrical system, waterline and other equipment inside. We make sure all this equipment is positioned properly, in efficient working order and is safe from any mechanical or environmental threats.


After the setup process is complete, it is necessary to run the well for a period of time before anyone uses the water. This removes any sediment or other particles from the water, making it clean and safe to drink, cook with and bathe in. Our team will advise you on how long you will need to run the well for, and educate you on any other steps necessary to get it ready for use.

For more information on well installation for your Columbia, SC or surrounding area home or business, contact the experts at Sharpe’s Septic and Well today.

I have used Sharpe's two times in the last 10 years for septic service. Both times they were on time, did not leave any mess at all, and were very friendly. I thought the price was also reasonable. I would definitely use them again.

Patrick H.